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Protect Those Who Matter Most

Your first step is to make sure that you and your family are protected with a regular health plan. But what if that’s not enough?

Prepare Yourself for the Worst

If the unexpected happens, are you protected? Are you prepared for the hardships that may arise? We can help you achieve piece of mind.

Unexpected Loss of Income

None of us are prepared for an unexpected loss of income. We can help provide you with supplemental insurance to cover some of the cost.

Unforeseen Medical Expenses

Our health can change at a moment’s notice. Are you prepared to handle the potential loss of income if you can’t go back to work?

How Can I Help You?

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Jane Weeber

Independent Insurance Consultant

I am a seasoned insurance professional specializing in Medicare Supplemental, Life, Accident and Sickness, Disability, Accident, Critical Care and Cancer Insurances.

People come to me because they have a need. I help my customers fill gaps in their insurance coverage and help them avoid the financial catastrophe that can come from unexpected events in their lives. I especially enjoy helping seniors with Medicare Insurance needs and guiding my customers through the challenges of the Affordable Care Act. Most importantly, I pride myself in developing a relationship with each and every one of my customers. I am the point of contact for the customer and personally handle your claim to make sure that you are cared for when you need it the most.